Stylettos is your one-click solution to looking beautiful without having to spend a bomb. Comprising of a list of comprehensive videos on stylish fashion, hair and make-up tips that every women should know, you will become a style guru in no time.   

With make up videos featuring the well-loved make up expert, Sonya, you will learn the tips and tricks to having dazzling appearance on different occasions! Follow her simple step-by-step guide in each episode for a make up look that's great on every face. She will also give useful advices on the best skin care regimen to follow to achieve a flawless complexion. 

From a Marilyn Monroe inspired look to the best office-approved make-up style, Style School has everything covered. It's just a click away to become the next Jeannie Mai or Michelle Phan, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and watch the videos now!  

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