How to prepare for a Spartan Race for First Timers & Seasoned Pros

With racing related events surging in popularity, whether or not you’re a runner, you’re likely to have heard of the Spartan series, which mixes elements of obstacles and racing together for a truly challenging all-body workout. With the next one set in Johor Bahru this December 9th, here are some of our tips and a workout exercise to get you prepared for the race if you’re thinking of joining!


These obstacle races are a great way to test your mental and physical limits, while competing and participating in a fun group activity.

Every Spartan race is different, and race organizers don’t release the course map to participants so the challenge comes as a spontaneous surprise each time. Be prepared to get dirty, expect mud, barbed wire and a field of Gladiators waiting to hit you with sticks, at the very least! If you’ve never done this insane course before, you might be thinking: how would you prepare for it? Is it even possible to complete the course if I’m not a professional athlete? The answer is, yes you can. The race is about 3-4 miles with 15+ obstacles that you have to be prepared for. Fail an obstacle, and risk performing a burpee penalty before moving on! The race tests your endurance, speed, agility and upper and lower body strength, but if you’re a first-time Spartan racer: focus on endurance so that you can last the whole way, instead of gassing out just when you’re about to finish. There’s nothing more disappointing than not being able to finish a race, so focus the competition only towards yourself, and not others.

 To prepare for the race, here’s what Fitness Professional, Jeff Huang recommends:



 A. These exercises are designed to be performed in a gym

B. Consistency is key, so do this every alternate day to train your body

C. Be safe, and make sure to always warm up and cool down after every session!


1. Run or jog for 1 KM.

If you want to make it harder, put the treadmill settings for an incline, or amp up your speed.

2. Burpees for 1 minute.

 To make it harder, include a push-up in between.


3. Do 10 pull ups.

If you can’t do a full pull up, get a stool, and tie a rope around the machine, and put your legs in between. The rope acts as a support for your lower-body weight and helps you focus on your upper arm strength.


  4. Kettlebells for 1 minute.

If you want to make it harder, swing the kettlebells every time you pick it up.


 5. Thrusters.

Squat and press with weights 10 times, but make sure that the weights are comfortable enough for you to lift for 10 rounds. 


If you can’t lift weights, just pick up the bar. Make sure to lift weights up and above your head, and keep your arms straight. Use your legs to drive the weight up. If you find that your muscles are wobbly, downgrade your weights until you can lift  it up smoothly. As this is a compound movement, be extra careful on the form and engage your core at all times.


 6. Do this as a circuit 3-5 times.

Keep your work rate (meaning your effort level) at 70 – 90% at all times, so that your body knows that you are working. If you find yourself committing to only 50% of your work rate, consider amending these exercises to something harder!

7. Rest between circuits should not be longer than 1 minute.

This is to keep your intensity levels high, and allow your body to build muscle.


BONUS: If you want to make it even harder for yourself, add another 3-5km of running on the treadmill.

Remember, the Spartan Race is ultimately still a sprint based race, so the faster you can keep pace, the better you can perform on race day!


For some extra tips or 1-on-1 training, drop Jeff a message through his page! We promise he doesn't bite.

Fri, 10/20/2017 - 13:18

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