It’s the last week of October, which means that Halloween is right around the corner. If you’re still scrambling for an idea, don’t worry: we’ve got your hack.

 FYI, most of these costumes will need at least some:

  • Face-paint
  • Make up
  • Wigs or Outfits (that you can easily pick up from a store!)

1. Arthur Read

If you wanna throw it back to your childhood days, how about channeling some Arthur? All you need is some construction paper, an old headband and Arthur’s iconic yellow jumper.

 Learn how to get the look here: 


2. Dancing Girl Emojis

If you’re going with a girlfriend, then replicating the dancing girl emoji could be the ultimate BFF costume of the year. What could be more on-trend that becoming your favourite emoji? Plus, throw on a sexy black outfit, some bunny ears, and you’re all set! 


3. Snapchat Filter

Not into emojis? How about a snapchat filter instead? Turn yourself into a real-life snapchat filter with this tutorial:

4. Pop Art Girl

For a new twist on the typical superhero costume or to channel your inner Roy Lichenstein, you can literally anybody you want – in pop art! With some facepaint or using your existing makeup, you can wear pretty much whatever you want, but still look pretty darn cool.

See the tutorial here:

Or how about a pop-art Wonder Woman?

5. Rick Sanchez

Wubba lubba dub dub! Get into the shoes of this year’s hottest adult-swim cartoon, and get shwifty with your own interpretation of intergalactic genius scientist Rick Sanchez, and you’ve got a ready-made excuse to cause some Halloween chaos. Throw on a blue wig, a white blazer and blue top, and you’re all set!

6. Frida Kahlo

Flower crown, monobrow, floral outfit, some costume jewellery, and you’ve turned yourself into the #selfie pioneer herself, Frida Kahlo! Celebrate her unique sense of style and get her look with this tutorial:

7. Celebrity Makeup

If you’ve got some mad makeup skills, why not try turning yourself into your favourite celebrity du jour? With some creative contouring and highlights, you could be mistaken for the real deal!

 Ready for it? See how this Korean makeup guru turns herself into Taylor Swift: 

or how about channeling some Brit-Brit?

8. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Go even more old school by channeling some movie classics. For an Audrey Hepburn inspired look, see this tutorial: 

9. Pennywise

The main antagonist of the 2017’s horror film of the year, get into the Pennywise look and scare more than your fair share of party goers just by simply standing across the bar. Watch this… if you dare:

10. Beanie Babies

Have an old animal onesie or headband? If you don’t, grab your friend’s or your sister’s and turn yourself into a Beanie Baby! 


11. Diamond Skull

For a shake-up on the traditional “skull” costume, why not add some dazzling diamonds? With some spirit gum (any party store will sell it), face paint, and costume jewellery diamonds (grab it from a stationery store, or art store like Art Friend), you can get glamorously scary with this look!

Or try the alternative, with a diamond Sugar Skull look: 

12. Unicorn

With unicorns becoming the ultimate craze, why not try becoming one yourself? With unicorn horns sold at H&M, just grab one from the store and get crazy with all your glitter makeup!

13. Riverdale’s Veronica Lodge

If you’ve been watching the CW’s latest teen drama, you’d know that they’ve turned the beloved Archie series into the latest murder-mystery drama. Turn yourself into any one of the fabulous four with these makeup tutorials:

14. Latex Free, Elmer’s Glue Halloween Wounds

If you’re allergic to latex, or simply lazy, this halloween tutorial is practically zero-effort. All you need is some Elmer’s glue and face-paint, and you’ve got yourself a no-hassle costume. It may not win you any awards, but when the night’s all through and you can remove your look in under 5 minutes: who’s complaining?

15. Cheshire Cat

Go a little mad, and get inside your head by transforming yourself into the Cheshire Cat! It’s a timeless look that never goes out of style, and even better? It’s easy to do!

Whoever you choose to become, remember, there's nothing a little face-paint and some creative wardrobe re-purposing can't do. Have fun!

Mon, 10/23/2017 - 15:41

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