The Guide to scoring Cheap Vacation Deals

From picturesque mountain views, vast fields, breezy beaches, charming cityscapes and eclectic nightmarkets flooding your social media feed, it seems that everyone these days is off on an exotic adventure somewhere. Travel has now taken over as the ultimate lifegoal. Getting on a plane is getting cheaper but travel can still cost a pretty penny once you consider all the add-ons of accommodation, transportation and itineraries. So how does one go gallivanting off on a grand adventure on a budget? Easy. Knowing how to snag a cheap flight is often the best way to make travel affordable. After all, the flight just takes you there, and the rest of the real experience lies outside of those terminal doors.


So here are our top tips for a cheap travel deal:

1. Find the BEST time to travel to your desired locale:

If you have a bucket list of places you want to vist, start researching when their high and low seasons for travel are. Sites and apps like Hopper (available on web, Apple, and Android phones) and Google Flights help you find the cheapest time to get to your destination, and the average cost per ticket. Make use of their researched findings and make some space in your calendar to get there!


2. Stay Flexible

If you haven’t made up your mind about where to go, search for travel deals on Expedia, TravelZoo, or Scoot’s Scoot-Off-Tuesdays deals, you’re bound to find some great deals.

Many budget airlines run flight promotions all the time, so it can pay off to suscribe to their newsletters and like them on their social media pages to know of their latest promotions!

If you’re choosing Scoot, make sure to log onto their site at 7:00 AM sharp to snag a coveted ticket, as only a limited amount of seats go on sale.

 Expedia and TravelZoo also often do Fly+Accomodation deals.


3. Compare your Price Tickets

Check the published fares against other search engine sites and the actual airline’s sites to see which is currently offering you the best deal. SkyScanner and Kayak  are great flight search engines to use to find a good deal. 


4. Find discount tickets for Attractions & Shows

In the past, going to a physical travel agent’s office used to be the only way to score discounted tickets on packaged deals but nowadays, you can go online to book yourself a cheaper deal! Sites such as KKDay and Klook offer tourists discounted tickets to see local attractions. However, if you are booking your ticket through an external party, make sure that the company is accredited and licensed to avoid being scammed.

If you’re looking for a cheaper Broadway ticket, check out Broadwayforbrokepeople to score a "digital lottery" ticket, where extra seats are raffled. Alternatively, if you don't win the lottery, some shows will also do physical raffles where unsold tickets can be bought on the day of the show to waiting customers. So pick your favourite show and get there at least two hours before show time to score a ticket!

Warning: Be prepared to stand for a while, so bring a buddy to make waiting time pass by faster.


5. Get on a Frequent Flier Programme and rack up your miles

Aside from getting on an actual plane, many airlines have alliances with each other such as Star Alliance and Asia Miles that often partner with credit card companies in a loyalty programme. Instead of exchanging your points for a new pot or pan, why not exchange them for miles instead?

 Hotel Loyalty cards can also sometimes be exchanged for miles, so watch out for their promotions and deals.

 If you want to rack up miles on Singapore Airlines on a KrisFlyer account, SQ has just launched Kris Flyer Spree, which is a new shopping portal set up by the airline. If you’re looking to buy something from a site such as Zalora or Lazada for instance, simply log into Kris Flyer Spree first, search for Lazada, and then proceed to purchase your desired item. You can get bonus miles for each one of your purchases this way! 


6. If you want to Score an Upgrade...

If you’re even more ambitious, you can also try to bid for an upgrade. Many airlines, including SQ, do this, though each airlines’ rules may differ. First, check out on their website to see if you’re eligible to bid. For instance, on Singapore Airlines, if you have a flexi-economy class ticket that was full price and not redeemed, you would be eligible to bid for an upgrade to their premium economy class.

More info on SQ bidding: click here

Other than bidding for a better seat, you can also try your luck at scoring one free of charge through redeeming an upgrade for points, having a horrible seat partner, or make like BFFs with your airline stewardesses. The options are endless if you dare!


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